Hi, and welcome to JDS Properties.  From Day 1 you will deal with the same person from the start of our property journey together. We are there to help and guide you all the way through finding properties that aren't on the market, negotiations and to completion and beyond. If you are looking for a big corporate for your representation, please let us know and we will point you in the right direction.  

Our director Dan Stein has been in property for over 22 years, and worked in the commercial, residential and development sectors, his insight and experience is unique and offers a commercial approach to most situations.  

You won’t find testimonials or attempts to advertise about previous clients, we only focus on our current clients requirements – but references are available on request.  

We can help with expert advice in finding new office space, hybrid systems for the workplace incorporating new technology or confidential home finding and development management.  

Need recommendations? No problem! Lawyer – tick! Interior Designer – tick! Insurance Broker – tick! Accountant – tick! Business Finance – tick! The list goes on…. Just ask.